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League Action Teams

League Action Teams (formerly called Roundtables) are formed by groups of members interested in studying and working on issues in a particular policy area. Articles, news and links of interest may be posted here from time to time. All action teams are open to all members.

New link coming soon with a chart that summarizes current issues being studied or acted upon by our standing committees and action teams.

Women's Issues Action Team - NEW!

Women's Issues Action Team meets third Monday, 10:00, at Linda Kurta's house, 1018 Sunskipper, Leland. Call 910-622-2260.

This team is new, and plans to focus on women's and children's affordable, accessible health care. We are working with the local Planned Parenthood to learn about what areas need our attention and advocacy.

We are also planning celebration events for the centennial of the women's right to vote in 2020. So far, we plan to participate in the Azalea Festival parade, and create story boards telling the history of the vote and of the League of women Voters. We will display the boards around the NHC, BC areas.

Education Action Team


READ the latest Education study from the LWV-Lower Cape Fear:

NC Private Schools Receiving Vouchers: A Study of the Curriculum

LISTEN to the NPR interview Study Vouchers mostly go to schools teach biblical worldview

PRESS RELEASE from LWV NC: Some NC Schools Leave Students Unprepared for College, Careers.

New Hanover County -LWV-LCF position on redistricting


We meet the third Thursday of each month at 10 am at the YWCA (2815 S. College Road). See LWVLCF calendar postings for specific information

Focus issues for 2018 include a study of NC PreK programs (public and private sites), advocacy for quality early childhood education, completion of a study on private school vouchers (Opportunity Scholarships), advocating for equal opportunity for a quality education for all children as the NHC School District begins their planning on redistricting, and the monitoring of legislation affecting education at the State and National levels.


Position statement on school redistricting in New Hanover County

UNC Report on New Hanover County Schools (posted 9/9/2016)

Thanks to the Education Action Team for its work on drafting and presenting resolutions to both Brunswick and New Hanover Counties in support of public education.

Resolutions as passed by Brunswick County Board of Education Brunswick

Resolutions as passed by the New Hanover County Board of Education

Contact Barbara Carbonaro ( or Anne Eitelman ( for questions or current information.

Environment Action Team

We meet on second Tuesday of each month at 3:00 at the NC Coastal Federation Headquarters. Watch the LWVLCF web calendar for specific information All are welcome.

Our theme for the year is Water in the Lower Cape Fear. There are a host of issues, aquifers, storm water run off, non-point pollution, water quantity, and water quality.

Eagles Island development

League Testimony -Bureau of Ocean Energy Management on Off Shore Drilling

Offshore Information for Oil & Gas Issues from Roger Shew

Other topics we are monitoring:

New Hanover County: Summary of Jennifer Rigby's (New Hanover County Strategy and Budget Office)

In addition, we are monitoring the Unified Development Ordinance of New Hanover County and will be prepared to take action when appropriate as it relates to the Special Use Permit position.

Unified Development Ordinance; New Hanover County

Brunswick County Navassa Super Fund Site

For further information Contact: Sue Ann Rush or Clarice Reber

Fair Elections Action Team


1. Educate the public about Gerrymandering, Redistricting Reform and how an Independent Nonpartisan Commission can help solve the problems that gerrymandering causes.

2. Influence, where possible, support from the NC General Assembly members, for bills that would create a nonpartisan commission.

3. Help influence what makes up an Independent Nonpartisan Commission and how it works.

Here is some further information.

Save the Date: On Thursday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m., we will, with other co-sponsors, provide a presentation on the UNCW campus on Redistricting Reform. Our guest speaker will be Judge Tom Ross. Look for more information as we continue to plan this major event.

Video of Judge Tom Ross at the Piedmont Triad League's Redistricting Event

For more information on this FEAT effort, contact Gail Bromley at